About This Project

Project: 240 Nguyễn Công Trứ Apartment – District 1
Owner: Mr. T,
Size: 30 m2 and 50 m2
Style: Indochine – Scandinavian
Construction Cost Estimation: 450.000.000 VNĐ

Tròn DECOR created a whole new look for these 2 small apartments. At the 30m2 one, our team used the Indochine theme to retain the vintage style for the elders of the family, but still neat and asthetic. At the 50 m2 one, the Scandinavian and Minimalist style transformed the old and messy apartment into an open living space that’s suitable for young owners.


  • A young, professional and creative design team, who constantly updates on the latest international interior trends.
  • An interior consultant for the program “Dream Room 2018” broadcasted on HTV3.
  • Specialized in apartment and spa-shop-beauty salon segments, with 2 separate teams having years of experience in these projects.
  • Always optimizes costs through optimized materials and utilities, cost estimation that matches customer needs and tight control of expenditures.
  • Always meets the schedule for every stage, from design to construction.
  • Always ensures high quality via a construction team with 20 years’ experience, matching the final construction with the design that customers agreed upon, matching materials with the quotation, and manufacturing furniture carefully at our 500m2 workshop in District 12.
  • SPECIAL PROMOTION IN OCTOBER & NOVEMBER: 10-30% discount depending on the total area or 50% deductible design fee during construction. 1 YEAR furniture warranty.