[BLOG] Scandinavian Living Room Design: Ideas & Inspiration (Part 2)

[BLOG] Scandinavian Living Room Design: Ideas & Inspiration (Part 2)

The Scandinavian aesthetic can be applied to many different spaces. Its love of simplicity, natural elements, and functionality is especially ideal for a living room. Let’s take a glimpse inside some lovely, organized and comfortable living rooms that their inspiration from Scandinavian design with Tròn DECOR, and get inspiration for yourself.

If you don’t have gorgeous deep wood floors, consider painting them in whitewash for an artsy loft effect.

Light colored wood helps to open up a space on the floor as well as in furnishings like chairs and coffee tables.

A bare wood ceiling gives this otherwise sleek living room a more rustic feel — not everything has to be exactly the same tone to work together.

And don’t think you can’t experiment with color combinations if you’re tending towards Scandinavian design. Black, white, yellow, and bright teal might be a surprising set but they work together here.

Easter egg pastels give a space a delicate, feminine whimsy. The nesting coffee tables you see here are the Muuto Around tables.

Here’s a yellow option that’s a more neon and therefore gives the space a trendy, youthful glow.

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